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Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club (Waverley) Incorporated (ESCC) has been a community cricket club since 1894. In that time is has been of service to thousands of families both in the Eastern Suburbs area and beyond.

In their life’s journey thousands of young men and women have passed though Waverley Oval, its coaching classes and extensive junior competition. While some have gone on to represent the district and beyond, all have benefited from the mentoring provided by the coaches and senior players from the club.

It is not trite to say that lifetime friendships have been forged at Waverley Oval, something that will continue as long as cricket remains our premier summer sport and is played at Waverley Oval.

Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club is constantly evolving and expanding. It continues as a major force in the Sydney Grade Cricket competition and provides a nursery for players at inter district, state and national level.


Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club is governed by a constitution that defines the operation and the rules of the club. For further information, please download a copy of the Easts Constitution.

2017/18 Annual Report now available for download. 

Our Vision

To achieve excellence on and off the field through effective execution, communication, professionalism and accountability.

Our vision and strategy pledges to:

The simple mantra for the ESCC MC will be that of Communication, Accountability & Transparency.

Our Goals

We know we will have succeeded over the next five years if by 2018 we:

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Latest News

Easts have been successful in obtaining a $25,000 facilities grant from the State government, which will see the current synthetic nets refurbished and two new nets added. The grant will be a major boost for our junior development. More in  Latest News.

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At all levels, we have implemented a holistic approach to our sponsorship program. This allows our club sponsors to directly engage with our members and their families and actively get involved with their lifestyles.... (more)

President's Corner

One of the great things about Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club is that it opens up opportunities for its members and players both on and off the field.  (more)

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We welcome new members to participate in all activities at the club. You might wish to become a volunteer and help out on game day, or you may just have an interest in the club and wish to enjoy some of the club events that are regularly held.... (more)