Easts Cricket Club Senior Teams

Round 2: Grades 1 to 5 vs Sydney University 29 September & 6 October 
Round 2: Metro 29 September, October 1 (one day matches)

  • First Grade
    @ University Oval 9:30 Start 29 September & 6 October

    Angus Robson (c)
    Henry Hunt
    Adam Ezekiel
    Harry Dalton
    Will Simpson
    Baxter Holt
    Tim Armstrong
    Jack Preddey
    Tom Skelly
    Harry Conway
    George Furrer

  • Second Grade
    @Trumper Park - 9:30 start Sat 29 September & 6 October, 

    Sam Smyth
    Peter Lazarus
    Nick Taylor
    Udit Mehta
    Will Lawrance
    Harry Howe Byrnes
    Henry Thornton
    Jack Remond
    Nathan Rowe (c)
    Jono Smith
    Jacob Taucher

  • Third Grade
    @Camperdown Park  - 11:15 start  29 September & 6 October, 

    Jono Bank
    Andy Coles
    Tom Gallop
    Mark Morley (c)
    James Deacon
    Sam Hall
    Finnbar Stenmark
    Sam Powell
    Harry Brooks
    Chris Thompsett
    Fionn Parker

  • Green Shield

    2018/19 Senior training squad

    Sam Greenland 

    Adam Sidhu 

    Tom Winters 

    Ned Patterson 

    Corey De Wit 

    Harry Fairfax 

    Alex Van Vugt 

    Max Glen 

    Henry Furrer 

    Freddy Walton 

    Asher Learmonth 

    Ryan Wunsch 

    Tom Coady

    Development Squad

    Matt Sidhu

    Damon Pinn 

    Hamish Morrison

    Daniel McSweeney 

    Rohan Sharma

  • Poidevin-Gray
    Round 8, Sun 7 Jan vs Gordon at Waverley Oval
    One-dayer (10am scheduled start)

    Jack Preddey (c)
    Jono Bank
    Steele Brown
    Finnbar Stenmark
    George Furrer
    Charlie Gulliver
    Mitchell Sciberras
    James Hooke
    Will Lawrance
    Ryan O'Beirne
    Campbell Pert
    Will Simpson

  • 1st Grade T20
    Kingsgrove Sports T20 Cup

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